The Minnesota Science Teachers Association
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MnSTA is the statewide science teaching organization. Our 32-member board of directors works tirelessly to foster excellence in science education for all Minnesota students. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, MnSTA is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. The mission of MnSTA is to stimulate and improve science teaching and learning for all, and we have been doing so for 50 years! A donation to MnSTA is a donation in support of science and the value of science education.

Your tax-deductable gift will support these efforts.  For example:

To contribute, simply enter the desired amount in the box above and click the Donate button.  This will allow you to pay by credit card or create an invoice and pay by check.

Thank you for supporting quality science education for all Minnesota students! All donations will become part of the MnSTA general fund and be used to fund MnSTA memberships and professional development programs.

if you would prefer to simply mail a check, it can be mailed directly to:

Ed Hessler, MnSTA Executive Secretary
Hamline University
1536 Hewitt Ave.   MS-A1760
St. Paul, MN   55104

With questions, please contact Ed Hessler, 651-523-2945.